Tell Me

Tell me, have you ever seen a ghost?

Have you ever seen a ghost? A genuine, bonafide ghost, not like those frauds shown in horror movies? The kind that looks completely human, just like you and me, except for their translucent, floating, white-blue tinted bodies? The ones that can’t pass on, for they’ve forgotten their purpose, and are forced to walk this earth forever until they can find and break what’s tying them to the world of the living? Have your eyes ever met theirs? Ever watched as realization crossed their face, joy light their eyes because finally, someone could see them?

Have you ever shivered as the ghost neared, the air around you chilling? Have the hairs on the back of your neck ever stood up?  Have you ever watched it’s lips move as they stood right in front of you in a silent plea? Watched as a hand reaches out to you begging for your help? Have you ever stilled, chilled to the core by the cold, utterly unnatural feeling of the ghost’s hand moving right through you? Have you ever experienced a sudden darkness before you felt another presence inside you, another soul slipping into place alongside your own? Has your mind ever itched, completely uncomfortable as it reacted to the new memories that were quickly fading? Have you ever stood shock still as you suddenly realize that the ghost is gone—that it’s the presence, the memories, the soul you feel inside you? That it’s become a part of you?

Tell me, have you?

No, no you probably haven’t. But let me rephrase the question:

Tell me, have you ever experienced déjà vu?

Inspired by this article about déjà vu and Halloween. Link to image can be found here.


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