What is black? Scientifically, black is an absence of light. When you mix paint, black is a combination of all the colors. We see black as simply the opposite of white. But black is more than that.

Black is the darkest sky that you stare up into, dotted with pinpoints of light from stars billions of miles away. Black is the shadows that chase you, living embodiments of your worst fears, your darkest sins, your deepest regrets. Black is the corners, the crevices, the cracks that you slip away into as you hide, shielding you as you whisper and cry. Black is the night that sees all, a new world awash in moonlight that no one can hide from. Black is the unknown at the corners of our universe, things that we could never even imagine in our wildest nightmares. Black is our subconscious, a shadowed realm hiding thoughts we never knew we had, feelings we never knew we felt, things we never knew we even saw. Black is fear, the never ending darkness on the corners of our soul that tempt us into becoming cowards, into running away. Black is power, elegance, and domination, commanding attention and respect in a quiet show of superiority. Black is death, the coffins we sleep forever in, the grin of the Grim Reaper as he collects our soul, the final darkness that embraces us before we disappear into the light. Black is the end.

But it’s so much more than that.

I’m not sure if I should continue in this style as opposed to the style I used for “White”, so tell me what you think about this one compared to the story-guessing format. Picture is found here.

Part 2 of the What is Color? Series.



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