Light and Dark

Can the Light and the Dark ever be friends?
Can the Sun and the Moon ever together ascend?
Can the wounds of the heart ever truly mend?
Can the day ever come when we no longer pretend?

When I first met you, I felt hate on sight
We were opposites, like day and night
But despite pushing away, you were my Light
In my darkness there was something you did ignite

“Can the Light and the Dark ever truly be
Entirely friends for all eternity?”
I ask and yet you just smile at me
And say “Someday it’ll happen, just wait and see.”

I had tried to leave but to no avail
A friendship had formed, the ship set sail
And I find as I stay my own heart unveiled
As together we weave our own fairytale

You brought life to my empty, desolate shell
How did it happen? Only the stars can tell
Words can’t describe how hard I fell
Feeling the warmth in my heart begin to swell

Love quickly formed from hate at first sight
But to try and keep you was a futile fight
I wish “love” had stayed “hate” with all my might
For Darkness could never hope to reach the Light

“Someday two opposites will join eternally
Will it be us, be you and me?”
I ask and yet you just smile sadly
Turning away you whisper, “Sorry.”

Put off too long, my heart revealed too late
Knowing you had someone, I began to deflate
We weren’t meant to be, this wasn’t our fate
So once again I’ll return to my painfully lonely state

Whenever you need help, my aid I’ll always lend
But now I can see it’s no longer me on which you depend
I’ll ask once again as this love comes to an end
Can the Light and the Dark ever be friends?

This is not about me since I have never fallen in love. Obviously.

Link for image found here.


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