A Great “Perhaps”

Though I am alone in an inescapable maze, this does not stop me from hoping, from dreaming of a world beyond this one where there are others like me. In this world, I can see the sky and the colors that must surely exist (for everything here is black and white and the gray in between). I know this world exists somewhere, or at least, there must be more to life than an eternity alone, wandering and waiting for something that might never happen. There must be a great … something to this existence. A bigger meaning to life, a grander purpose.

But I suppose this is all wishful thinking. I do not know, and have no way of knowing, if I could or ever would find this great something. It is not guaranteed, just like everything in this world. This great “something” … it is more like a great “maybe”. A great “possibly”. A great “perhaps”. There might be something more, and there might not be.

But despite that, I must look for it. I will look for it, this great “perhaps”.

Let it not be said (though it can only be said by me for I am the only one here) that finding this great “perhaps” is easy. There is little to find in the Labyrinth, little to do, and little to live and die for.

Yet still, I search for my great “perhaps”.

A little shorter than expected, but considering where the last part starts off, I think this is a good place to cut this one off. Link to image found here.

Part 2 of 3 of the Before and After series.
Part 1



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