I Wish I was like Water

I wish I was like water.

I wish I was silent yet roaring, calm yet deadly, loving yet powerful. I wish I was soft yet durable, flexible yet strong, so I can fit my peg into society’s rough outlines but still be here. Still be me. I wish I had that quiet power that water does, the power to subtly bring about change, shaping and shifting and reforming lives till our slate has been wiped clean and all our rough edges are gone. We are as smooth as the pebbles that sink to river bottoms.

I wish I was like water.

I wish I was mysterious, a shining, shimmering surface hiding something underneath. Something beautiful, something deeper, something more to the little girl that is just like every other girl. Like the crests of waves and the temper of tempests, I have my ups and downs. I have my darker sides. But I wish that every time, all the time, I would return. I would flow back and settle, be calm once more and sit and smile with a shine of mystery in my eyes.

I wish I was like water.

I wish I was graceful, gliding and twisting, each movement smooth and connected with underlying tones of subtle grace. Each word I speak, each step I take, it all seems to flow together, everything coming out steady and fluid. You would not be able to turn away, entranced and watching as I walk and spin, rising and moving and sometimes falling, but always gracefully. Always perfectly.

I wish I was like water.

I wish I was everywhere around you, always with you, even when you could not see me. I wish I could swirl around you, fall into your cracks and crevices and fill them up so you were no longer empty. So you would never feel hollow or alone in the currents of society. I wish I was always there for you, would always be there for you, even when I was far far away.

I wish I was like water.

I wish I was a necessity to you, something that you must have. Something you could not live without. Something subtle, something there, that while I do not command your complete attention for the rest of time, you will never forget me. I wish that, no matter the time nor the distance, someday, you’d return to me too.

I wish I was like water.

I wish I was eternal. Endless. Immortal. I wish time would help me grow but time would not take me away. And as I die, I am reborn, so I am never, never truly gone, truly dead. I wish I could be here forever, flowing and merging and filling, forever here with you. You and me.


I wish I was like water.

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