Paper Hearts

Our paper bodies with paper souls
And paper minds with paper hearts
It shatters, fragile, under Love’s toll
Leaving paper pieces in the dark

The Winds of Life blow too strong for us
And our bits of paper just float away
After eternity, we all fall down to dust
Trapped and waiting in our living grave

But Time has tape and Fate, a player
As these chaotic winds pick up again
Someone arrives to answer our prayer
And we scramble for each finger they lend

Mash our pieces back together
Take the tape and bring the glue
Force our jagged edges together
But underneath still lies the wounds

For Haste and Love make a horrid couple
Our rips embalmed in clear scotch tape
Time peels it away as our pieces crumple
Look at this mess we’ve begun to make

We’re paper bodies with paper hearts
A maze of rips and puzzle parts
We’re put together, we’re torn apart
As we pretend we’re fine from end to start

Link to image found here.



4 thoughts on “Paper Hearts

  1. hey hani you should listen to paper hearts the song, its a cover by jungkook, actual version by troye sivan. It’s a good song, and it might provide inspiration for more such posts. Its a very true yet, somewhat sentimental post. I like it.


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