Looking out the window, I watch as fluffy flakes of snow fall gently down to the frozen grounds, burying everything under a blanket of white.

I blink and now the snow has melted away, the dirtied slush draining into soil already covered in a bright verdant green. Flowers bloom, turning the once-white world into a landscape of soft pinks and purples against a baby blue sky.

Yet again I blink and the colors grow ever more vibrant, the sky now cerulean as the smiling sun shines down on simmering earth. I blink quickly, hoping the carefree image will still remain.

But alas the time has passed, and greens and blues and pinks have bled to reds and oranges and yellows, bright, brittle colors setting fire to the sky.

I have realized the futility of keeping my eyes forever open and let them fall closed, blinking once again to reveal a wonderland awash in white, a blank slate clean of all traces.

Squeezing my eyes shut, I pray that time stands still, that time will not pass in the blink of an eye if I do not blink. I cling desperately to memories of seasons passed as time continues to fly by a blink too fast.

Link to image found here.



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