A long, long time ago, Father Time had created three entities to take after him, to represent and expand him and his domain for such an abstract sphere as time could never truly be expressed with just one word. Thus, three ladies of incredible power and knowledge were brought into existence and he claimed them as his daughters, naming them so they may be known by the rest of the universe.

The oldest and first of the three was known as Past. With dark brown hair and somber, shadowed eyes that shone with memories of times long gone, she was perhaps the most calm and comprehensible of the three sisters. She dressed in dark, drab tones and in fashions of centuries prior, choosing to reminisce over forgotten history rather than socialize. While occasionally happy, perhaps on the most extreme of days a mystery, she was generally without change and was always quiet and remorseful, a woman set in stone.

The middle sister and the second of the three was known as Present. She had golden blonde hair that shone like the sun and blue eyes the color of the sky, an brilliant smile almost always on her face. She chose to dress in warm, bright colors, changing her style to fit that of the current fashion. And despite her borderline chaotic mood swings that swung like a pendulum (though they always came back to rest at a pleasant cheerfulness), she was without a doubt the most agreeable of the sisters.

And finally came the youngest and third of the three. Future.

Future was … special. If one were to use any word to describe her, “mysterious”, “chaotic”, and “confusing” would be the first few on the list. She was not calm and quiet like Past or loud and energetic like Present. Instead, she was cryptic, mysterious, teetering on the edge of insanity for she would often say things that no one could make sense of. She was more turbulent in her emotions than even Present and dressed in clashing wear that was more of an eyesore than Past’s ever was. There was no way to describe her appearance, no way to describe her personality, no way to describe her, for she was constantly changing. She dyed her hair and marked her skin, ripped her clothes and sewed they up again. Everything clashed so much, an incomprehensible mess that no one could make sense of. If was almost as if she was blind, which was only too close to the truth. For Future was blind. Found to have gouged out her eyes at a young, she now wandered about in life often unsure of where she was going.

Many people were appalled and confused by her actions. Surely, as the clairvoyant, all-seeing Future, she had no reason to have stolen away her own sight, right? But whenever prompted, she would only smile and stare blindly at the speaker with empty, hollow sockets for eyes and say,

“If everyone is blind to the future, then I should also be blind as to what is to come.”

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