Falling Apart

For the longest time, there was a question haunting the shadows of her mind. And while she did not know the answer and while it would be so easy to smile and ask and find out, she was scared. Because she knew. She knew, she knew in the same corner of her mind the question lived, that if she asked, everything would fall apart like a sweater unraveling from a particularly firm tug to a loose thread. Yet the question also pulled at her, whispering in her ear and awakening her curiosity. It was a battle between two sides and she was being torn apart. Would she risk the dread of knowing? Or the dread of not knowing?

Day after day passed as the urge grew ever stronger within her until one day, she could not stop the question from spilling from her lips as if the words were a string, pulled from her very being.

“Do you love me?”

She found her answer in his hesitation as everything fell apart around her.

Link to image found here.



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