Make it Right

“Why can’t you be more careful?”

“What goes on in that empty mind of yours? What were you thinking!?”

“Haven’t you ever heard of the proverb ‘Measure twice, cut once’?”

“Pay more attention!”

“This is all. Your. Fault!”

Their words echoed in his mind, dragging up memories from years past and erasing all shadows of doubt from his mind. He had to do this. He had to do something right.

His trembling hands returned to their work with renewed fervor, measuring the length of rope time and time again to make sure it was just right.

There had been a time long, long ago when he had been happy. Though he couldn’t remember such a time, he knew it must have existed. There were phantoms of an emotion called happiness inside of him, that must mean something, right? That at some point, he had done something correctly, right?

Tears began to bead in the corners of his eyes, but he wiped them away. He couldn’t afford to mess up now, not now of all times, not again. With several careful (careful) snips, he cut the rope.

He measured the cut rope and then measured it yet again, taking extra care to knot the rope tightly and just so. He gathered the rest of his materials and made the final preparations, slowly but surely, making sure everything was correct

When he finished, he inspected the set up carefully, trying to look at everything he had assembled with a critical eye. Finding no obvious flaws, he stepped up.

Touching his neck, he whispered, “Measure twice, cut once, yea?”

And with that, he kicked the stool at his feet.

Link to image found here.

I’m not sure exactly what I’m trying to say here and if there’s even any ulterior meaning behind this at all. It’s just that several suicides caused by bullying have occurred recently in the area I live, and upon seeing today’s prompt, I immediately thought of the old proverb “measure twice, cut once” and then the suicides (I don’t know why).



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