In a land far away
On the border of time
Where the sun never sets
Where the church bells chime

There stands a castle
With a grand, golden throne
Waiting for a princess
Oh how lovely she’s grown

With flaxen hair and skin so fair
Emerald eyes, no trace of scorn
All sunlit smiles, she appears so pure
But even roses have their thorns

For the princess was broken
The wounds cut too deep
Her heart was in pieces
So she put them to sleep

She had seen their fatigue
Their smiles were all fake
But the medicine she made
Would fix this mistake

The kingdom, they took it
And fell down to ruin
Sleepy princess drank too
Shh, don’t ruin the illusion

In a land far away
Where the forgotten rest
In a bed made of thorns
In a castle of death

Link to image found here.



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