Perhaps he had always been bitter.

Perhaps it wasn’t just to me.

Perhaps it was who he was.

He had always seemed to hate me, even from the very first moment we met. He would give me odd, sidelong looks with a cold, icy glare and never approved of anything I did no matter how much everyone else did. He never seemed too keen to help me either. I’m not quite sure what exactly I did, but he just seemed to … despise me. Still, whatever happened, I knew he wouldn’t actually hurt me. He couldn’t hate me that much.

Perhaps he would change some day.

Perhaps he wouldn’t hate me so much.

Perhaps I’m just misjudging.

Of course, I could just be wrong about him. I think I was, to be honest. Just earlier today he asked me if I would like to have some tea with him. Naturally, I accepted. I’m always happy to get to improve my relations with my coworkers, especially those that hate me. Or, well, used to hate me. I don’t know what happened, but I think he’s really changed!

Perhaps it’s just my imagination that this tea tastes like bitter almonds.

Link to image found here.

If you’re confused, just google “poison that tastes like bitter almonds”. Have fun~



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