Dearest King

Dearest King,

It’s been too long since we have last met, too long since I have last seen your familiar face and heard your melodious voice. I know you are busy and that you have much to attend to in a kingdom of our size, but still the knowledge does not console me. I cannot help but miss you, my king. Tell me, is everything well? Do you think of me too?

It has been quite lonely where I am. In such a foreign and quiet land, I am not quite sure what to do but think only of you and your love. Part of me wishes that we may never be separated like this again, by petty feelings and jealousy, but I know it cannot be. Fate is but a cruel master and Luck stretches thin across our three worlds. Still, my hope persists, just as our love does.

Love … Such a concept is interesting, do you not think? I have often wished to be with you forever, but we are only the joint rulers of a finite realm; our life is tied to the existence of our kingdom and should it fall to ruin, we would as well. It would be but a deluded wish to hope for such an eternity together. But, love! Love, this timeless love, is something to last through the ages. Even if this kingdom falls, even if the worlds collide, even if we cease to ever exist, our love will surpass it all.

This love, this intangible love, our love. It is a tale that will be told throughout the realms, written down in the archives of Time himself so that it may remembered forever. We may be but ephemeral beings, however such strong emotions between us cannot and will not disappear. Our love is a love made to last forever, for eternity, for as long as the time still flows.

I suppose my musings are just that, though. Just simple musings. I apologize if it is hard to comprehend for I am half-mad with the agony of being away from you for so long. I truly do hope, from the farthest reaches of the realm, that we may be together soon again.

Stay safe and stay strong, my love. I hope to hear from you soon and wish you nothing but the best.

With love,
Your Queen

Link to image found here.

This is the result of an longtime (and still ongoing) inside joke between my King and I. Dedicated to my King, “Prince of the Sins”. May you enjoy~



5 thoughts on “Dearest King

  1. Thank you, Dearest Queen
    Though I may sit at my tools of literature, racking my mind for words to describe your perfection, none fit you as well as they should. Sorrow fills me, for I cannot dedicate my love to you through everlasting literature, but I shall make the most of our moments together instead.
    Your King


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