If I knew the passing of time and how to measure it in a world like this, surely a long time must have passed from when I have decided to look for my greater purpose to now. Alas, as I have lamented before, every second here is an eternity and every hour a mere minute. Yet still, in this unknown amount of time that has passed, I have come to one conclusion:

There truly is nothing to do here.

It must be quite obvious, not only from my rants but also what you most likely have deducted from my descriptions, that there can only be so much to do and so much to find in a never-ending maze where I am alone. There is not and there can not be anything to do in such a unique place as where I am.

But something has changed.

This labyrinth … This Labyrinth is no longer closed off. It is no longer just a never-ending maze of stone walls that scrape an invisible sky, no longer solid and continuous and inescapable on every side. No. Now, there is a … hole.

Somehow, some way (perhaps a result of my wishes to escape? To find a higher meaning to this life?) a hole has appeared, a large, gaping hole in the ground that revealed only a void abyss below.

I do not know why the whole is here or where the hole leads to, and I do not know what should happen should I go through it. And yet, I feel I must. You know it and I know it, that there is truly nothing, nothing to do here. I cannot find my Great “Perhaps” when there is nothing to find. But now, now there is an escape. Now there is hope that I may be able to find a new world.

So this is the last you will hear from me. This is the last documentation of my thoughts that no one may ever find. This is the final piece.

And now, I will jump.

Link to image found here.


Part 3 of 3 of the Before and After series.
Part 1
Part 2


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