Till Death Do Us Part

“Are you almost done?” She sat on the tall stool, swinging her legs impatiently with a pout on her face (that she would vehemently deny). “I can hear the sirens already.”

The man hummed softly in response, smiling as he carefully poured the fine white powder into a shot glass, already full of some fruity liquid that she didn’t bother to know about. Sure enough, sirens whined in the distance, growing louder by the second.

“It’s almost done, darling. Just wait a bit more.”

She huffed once, twice, and began tapping her fingers on the countertop. “Oh come on, why do you have to be so careful, anyways? It’s not like it’ll matter.”

She frowned as he laughed, the sound barely audible over the deafening sirens. It seemed they were just outside the house now and — were those voices outside, yelling? Possibly.

“Alright, alright. Here.” He handed her one of the glasses. She wrinkled her nose, dreading the sure-to-be bitter taste of the liquid already.

“Shall we start?” It was quiet and she sat, still, considering the situation for a second with more than a little anxiety. Somewhere below, a door banged open and there was more yelling, the sirens still blaring.

“… What if it doesn’t work?” He sighed and smiled, taking her hand in his own, the one that wasn’t occupied with his own glass.

“It will work. We planned this out so well, and when has a plan of ours ever failed?” Seeing she was still skeptical, he continued. “We promised, we’ll only be separated by death. And I intend to keep that promise.” Her resolve hardened as she was reminded of their situation once again, and she nodded.

“Right. ‘Till death do us part’ and all. They won’t take us alive.” He smiled, so softly and so widely, so full of love that she was even more certain. It wasn’t a matter of want now. No, they needed to do this.

“Are you ready?” His thumb brushed over her knuckles, the familiar sensation comforting.


The yelling was louder now, the echoing thunder of boots pounding on metal creating a deafening cacophony.

“One …” Grinning, they linked arms.

“Two …” They raised their glass.

“Three …” There was a clink and they laughed quietly, one last time.


Link to image here.

Inspired by the song “Partners in Crime”, by Set it Off.



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