There is dew on the grass
And darkness in the sky
Thunder rolls on the horizon
Rhythmically, a crescendo

The storm grows ever near
Ever so slowly
Chilling the earth
It cannot stop
Won’t stop
And the dawn hides
Behind greying clouds

The church bells chime
Ringing in the distance
Soft, sweet
Against the roaring
Is it a reminder?
Or a warning?

But here
It does not matter
It is only the earth and
The sky and
The end

Here I lie
On soaked soil

There is grass
Slipping between my fingers
And the cooled earth
Pressed beneath my cheek

There is rain
Soft kisses upon my body
And the ice
Through my veins

There is wind
Howling in my ear
And the shuddering sigh
Of my final breath

The storm rolls, rumbles
Through every part of

I breathe a sigh
Curl further against the ground
As the rain washes
Over me
And I become one
With the earth

Link to image here.


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