Hello, fellow users of the internet. My name is Hannah (otherwise known as Cieloftheseals), and I am the lowly owner of this blog. Truly, I am humbled by your presence here … and your time. That too. I’m currently an 8th grader attending a middle school (duh) that you most likely don’t need to know. In case you didn’t gather from my name, I am a girl. Shocking.

I also happen to like tragic or hurt/comfort stories a lot, so some of my posts can get a little depressing. I’m also a diehard otaku (OTAKU PRIDE) so if you see some references to anime or some characters (though nameless or most likely credited) that seem a tad familiar, then yea. Yea.

So, let me tell you a bit about this blog! This blog started as a project for my LA class, and at the moment, it still is. Here, I’m mostly going to share all these plot bunnies and story ideas I have floating around my head. However, as these are all plot bunnies and story ideas and the random things I suddenly get hit by with inspiration to write, let me just say this now: NONE OF THIS IS REAL.

No, no one’s house burned down and no, I’m not a serial killer and no, I’m not a hitman or whatever it is I conjure up when writing. Sure, some things may be based on real life and it sometimes helps to write first person as if I was the narrator, but nothing in any of my stories or writings are actually directly about me.

Before I leave/end this, I would like to put up a disclaimer. As part of our project (and for general post aesthetics), I have pictures that will go with my blog posts or pages. However, because I’m an aspiring writer, not photographer, none of these pictures are mine (usually). If you don’t want your picture displayed, please head over to the contact page and send me an email. I’ll take it down at my earliest possible convenience (so don’t sue me, please).

Usually, you’ll see something like this: “Link to picture on home screen found here.” Well, I won’t always use home screen, but you get the idea.

That’s it for now though.

Until next time,