Hello, fellow users of the internet. My name is Hannah (otherwise known as Cieloftheseals), and I am the lowly owner of this blog.

This blog originally started as a project for my 8th grade LA class and is just a mess of random short stories that I’ve been hit with the inspiration to write. I’m usually busy, not to mention a professional procrastinator, so when I post and the length will usually vary, with potentially months in between posts. Sorry in advance.

Before I leave/end this, I would like to put up a disclaimer. As part of our project (and for general post aesthetics), I have pictures that will go with my blog posts or pages. However, because I’m an aspiring writer, not photographer, none of these pictures are mine (usually). If you don’t want your picture displayed, please head over to the contact page and send me an email. I’ll take it down at my earliest possible convenience (so don’t sue me, please).

Usually, you’ll see something like this: “Link to picture on home screen found here.” Well, I won’t always use home screen, but you get the idea.

That’s it for now though.

Until next time,