Here’s a list and description of all the series, both ongoing and completed, on this blog.

Daily Prompts (Incomplete)
Responses to the Daily Post’s Daily Prompts.

Heal: Paper Hearts
Tenacious: Blink
Blindly: Blind
Unravel: Falling Apart
Measure: Make it Right
Jolt: Electric
Spike: Sleep
Bitter: Perhaps
Maze: Escape
Final: The End of the World
Qualm: Forget
Precipice: Falling & L’appel du Vide
Survive: Till Death Do Us Part
Hidden: Your Name
Shallow: The Lake
Lust: Liar Dance
Finite: In this Town, We Can Sail Without the Winds
Abrupt: 3 AM

What is Color? (Incomplete)
Short posts of varying style detailing each and every one of our everyday colors.

Part 1: White
Part 2: Black
Part 3: Blue

Before and After (Complete)
The musings of a boy trapped all alone in a labyrinth (the Labyrinth) and trying to escape.

Part 1: Labyrinth
Part 2: A Great “Perhaps”
Part 3: Escape